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The Ez-Rig® Crane is the best mini crane in the materials handling industry.

Our Mini Crane can meet a variety of your lifting, pulling, lowering or tugging needs. - Call Now


An exceptional opportunity to boost your earnings with Sales of the E-Z Rig® Crane.


Watch the video above and see if adding this to your product line won't give you extra sales and even open a few more doors to other opportunities.
We are the patent holder, developer and sole manufacturer of the E-Z Rig® Portable Crane.  See if your needs in the materials handling market wouldn't be handled by this versatile mini crane to the following industries and markets:

Transport - Rail, Pipeline, Marine, Shipping, Airlines
Construction - pipeline, residential, commercial, equipment rental companies, warehouses, materials suppliers and storage
Manufacturing - aerospace, industrial, chemicals, utilities, automotive, oil and gas, general manufacturing
Retail - big box stores, materials management, supply chain
Storage - moving & storage, government warehouses
Agriculture - freight terminals and haulers
Government - construction, agencies, storage warehouses
Aerospace - manufacturers, component suppliers
Military - materials management, storage, construction, vehicle maintenance and repair, aircraft maintenance and repair
  • Fits through a standard three foot doorway
  • Store in a 3′x 2′x 9′-6" space (disassembled)
  • Adjustable legs allow the small crane to maneuver around obstacles easily
  • 135 ft. of steel cable, hoist and hook
  • Boom extends to 20 ft. Hook height 19 ft.
  • Lift up to 2,400 lbs. w/ a snatch block attachment
  • Electric winch
  • Two piece small crane boom
  • Operates with a counter weight system
  • 8" caster wheels.
  • Functional weight capacity chart located on crane boom
Anywhere there's a need for a unit that can get in a doorway, can get to some places a forklift can't and lift directly vertical or at angles to lift over other barriers, that need to lift up to 2,400 lbs. and up to 19 ft high, where the savings in time, money and effort, as well asĀ reducing potential injuries, there's a market for the EZ Rig Portable Crane.

While most orders are sold one at a time, and the profit per unit can be substantial, imagine getting a customer like we did in Verizon who ordered 20 units. Not a bad payday, wouldn't you agree? We have units with the Government as well as many Commercial and Industrial clients.

If you like the opportunity you see here and you're a manufacturer's rep or have a company of manufacturer's reps that has a solid record of selling, let's talk (before we consider someone else from your area).


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