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Construction Rigging Cranes by EZ-Rig Cranes We build Portable Rigging Cranes

EZ-RIG CRANES are a patented product manufactured in Southern California. The unique design originated as a combination engine-hoist/engine-stand for lifting heavy loads, but quickly developed into a compact and portable rigging crane with virtually unlimited uses in manufacturing, industrial and commercial construction and transport applications, including HVAC, pipe, steel, glass, roofing, lifting airplane manufacturing parts and many more productive, safe applications.

Its adjustable base and boom allow it to configure in ways other lifting devices can't, and its 135-ft. aviation quality cable provides many uses for building construction applications, including operating down shafts, over the side of buildings, over obstacles such as walls, or anything that would pose logistical obstacles or safety hazards.

E-Z Rig® is easy to break down, transport and re-rig. With its adjustable base and boom, it can be configured in a wide variety of positions to fit virtually any job-site need for lifting solutions.

E-Z Rig® Crane's powerful winch gives it up to 2,400-pound lifting capacity. Its extremely versatile, compact and easy to use. It spares worker injury, prevents workman's compensation claims, increases productivity, saves time on expensive job-sites, and is a critical productivity and safety tool for virtually any job-site where workers' safety is at risk - and management/owner's profits are at stake.

Companies large and small have purchased the E-Z Rig® Crane to meet lifting situations where other cranes or rigs can't go, or where large cranes or helicopters are too expensive or simply unnecessary. Many companies find more and more uses for the E-Z Rig® Crane after they buy it and their workers insist on using it to increase productivity and spare worker injuries.

Some companies choose to rent-out the E-Z Rig® Crane after they purchase it, even making money, while retaining ownership and usage rights. Purchasers invariably find the E-Z Rig® to be an investment that gives increasing returns. Workers and management both love the E-Z Rig® Crane.

Financing has made the E-Z Rig® Crane even easier to acquire. Monthly payments with Section 179 IRS tax benefits available now replace concerns over Cap-Ex and cash investments. Very affordable monthly payments and tax benefits that substantially reduce net acquisition cost are proving attractive to many who choose to finance the E-Z Rig® Crane rather than making an outright purchase. Some 70% of all industrial equipment is purchased via leasing or financing, and the E-Z Rig® Crane is part of this important opportunity.

Buy or lease, the E-Z Rig® Crane is a versatile, compact-but-powerful and very affordable lifting solution for a vast range of job-site lifting needs.

To see a short 4 minute video on more of the uses of this versatile mini crane, go to this page.