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"Time is money, and the E-Z Rig Crane helped us do this job faster, with fewer men and lower labor cost. Our only alternative might have been a helicopter. Once we started using the E-Z Rig, everything went smoothly and safely. This is a great tool."

Central Reclamation

"Saves man hours while increasing productivity. Nothing else can come close."

Southland Industries, Inc.


Western Air and Refrigeration, Co.


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World's Most Versatile Small Portable Crane


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Portable Construction Cranes for Multiple Rigging Needs

See the E-Z Rig® Crane Glass Installation Crane in action. (video is 3:11)


Our mini crane is easy to operate (video is only 11 secs)

Join these and other fine companies in using the EZ-Rig crane:
EZRig® Cranes U.S. Patent # 5,934,490      

It lifts, lowers, and pulls over 1 ton (video is only 1 min 24 secs)

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  • Easy to break down & set up
  • Fits through a standard three foot doorway
  • Store in a 3' x 2'x 9'-6" space (disassembled)
  • Adjustable legs
  • 8" caster wheels
  • 135 ft. of cable
  • Two piece boom 16' 10"
  • Hook height 20' 3"
  • Lifting capacity of 2,400 lbs. w/ Snatch Block Attachment
  • Counter weight system
  • Electric winch 110V or 220/230V
  • Weight capacity chart located on boom

In the USA Call: 1-844-395-4387 or 1-805-643-4387


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